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8 Tips on How to Travel with Kids

We here at Magical Cusco Tours love to travel with our kids but it can get a little complicated unless you know how to keep them busy and happy. Here are our top 10 tips to travel with kids and teens.

Make sure that daily activities are spread out well: Don’t visit 10 different monuments in one day, let your kids rest and have some downtime.  

Bring lots of snacks and water: In our experience, kids and teens often forget to bring their own food and water so when they get annoyed or hungry, you make sure that you have all the options that they might need. It also doesn’t hurt to double-check and make sure that they have water and snacks.

Ask for their opinions when planning the activities: The activities that you do during the trip should be a mix between things that you want to do and things that your kids find interesting  

If you’re flying somewhere take an earlier flight: The flights can be less crowded and people are more likely to sleep, your kids included.  

Pack lots of activities: Keeping busy is a great way to pass the time and having activities suitable for a kid of any age is always useful. This can include coloring books (of any level), pens, cards, toys for smaller children, and more.

Bring lots of layers and other supplies for any kind of weather: You never know what the day will bring and you want to be prepared for anything to happen. Examples are flashlights, toilet paper, rain jackets, hats, mosquito repellents, sunblocks, comfortable shoes, etc.  

Bring a light blanket in case your kid gets cold on the airline. 

Be prepared for long flights: Many airlines now offer free entertainment if they have a specific app o check if your airline has one of those. If you have a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Disney+, have them download movies and episodes to watch. 

Those are just a few of the many tips we have for you. Make sure to check out our blog on how to stay safe while traveling so you know how to keep yourself and your kids safe. We hope that these tips will help you out. 

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