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Best Museums to Visit While in lockdown

Coronovirus pandemic is definitely affecting our lives, but there are still tons of activities you can do virtually, such as visiting museums. This activity is particularly fun and can help you fulfil your desire of being in another place (even if it’s a virtual visit), but this is the time to adjust to the situation and find things to do that can help us cope with this unique and peculiar moment of our history. Also, if you were planning a visit to Peru in this list we also included some of the best Peruvian museums so that you can have a little taste of what you will experience during your future trip to Peru. We know it is going to be soon! 😊 

So here a list of museums and art collections that we compile for your use. We got to help each other to overcome these difficult times. We chose to list them in alphabetical order, there is no order of importance or preference here! 😊

  • Art Institute, Chicago, US: The museum has a wide collection with art pieces from different ages. Apart from the collection you can also find other interesting writing and reading resources on their website.
  • Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy: Here you can find a collection of Renaissance, and you can enjoy paintings by Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffaello, Giotto among others…let’s say the greatest Italian painters of all times. There is also a sculpture section with Greek and Roman arts pieces.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, US: The MET has three locations, all temporary closed and here you can enjoy 5000 years of art in one place.
  • Museé du Louvre, Paris, France: On the website of the most famous and largest museum in the world you can take several virtual tours and learn about specific artwork of your interest. 
  • Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain: Here you can enjoy works from Titian, El Greco, Goya, Ruben, van Dyck among others. The collection is quite monumental and you can choose to navigate it by artist or by theme such as saints, social realism, portrait, trades and professions.
  • Museo de Sitio Pachacamac, Lima, Perú: this museum is located at 32 km south of Lima and it is one of the largest archeological complex in the country. Pachacamac was a sacred site named after the Goda Pacha Kamaq. In the museum you can enjoy several artworks, pottery and textiles from several cultures, among them Wari and Chimu.
  • Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan, Italy: On the Pinacoteca’s website you can find the collection divided by historic phases, from 4000 B.C. to 2000. Every painting is in hype definition, so that you can enjoy them at the most, especially if you are an art expert.
  • Tate Gallery, London, England: On their website you can find the British collection from 1500 to contemporary art, and learn about artists and the meaning of their works. There are also interesting resources for creative people and creative activities for kids. It is definitely worth a virtual visit!
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Here you can find information on the famous painter, tips and interesting resources for creative people and also activities to make with kids during this lockdown time. 

So no excuses then, let’s take this opportunity we have to stay home to do something productive, and learn about artists and their artwork. 

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Top 5 Movies to watch before your Peru Trip

Do you prefer to gather information on your next destination? Do you buy travel guides before your trip? Do you love watching documentary and learn more about your next travel destination? This article is for you then! We tried to make a list of movies and documentaries featuring Peru, where you can appreciate Peruvian landscapes and cultural idiosyncrasy before your trip here.

Peru: Hidden Treasure: that’s a documentary now available on Netflix, it was released on 2017 and it has been directed and written by Luis Ara. This documentary focused on Peruvian secretes from the culture of the ancestors to the contemporary days, showing beautiful landscapes from several regions of the country, tourist sites and places which are still unknown. Watching this documentary movie, you will get a sense of Peruvian culture, from the culinary to the artistic and historical sides of it. You will discover our delicious and unique food, the best archeological sites, our icons and stunning landscapes, from the desert of the Paracas area to the charming Amazon jungle and of course the Andes mountains chain.
Trailer here:

The Motorcycle Diaries: this is a movie released on 2004, directed by Walter Salles, with the famous actor Gael García Bernal. The script is mainly based on “Che” Guevara’s trip diary. The movie relates the introspective journey which brought Ernesto “Che” Guevara, a medical student, and Alberto Granado, a biochemist, to discover the real side of Latin American continent. They also visit Peru during the road trip and Machu Picchu. This is an extremely important moment in Guevara’s life, considering that he starts reflecting on how an indigenous civilization that built something so unique and marvelous as Machu Picchu could be destroyed by the modern civilization. In this movie you can enjoy some truly amazing Peruvian landscapes.
Trailer here:

Anaconda: If you are into adventure and you are planning a few days in the Amazon rainforest you got to watch this movie, which was a quite box-office success. The movie, directed by the Peruvian director Luis Llosa, was released in 1997. It is set in the Amazon jungle where a National Geographic crew is taken hostage by an insane hunter. In the movie you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and views of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon rainforest, especially during their boat trips.

When two worlds collide: This is a documentary on the constant clash between indigenous communities living in the Amazon region and Peruvian Government on the use of Amazon resources. It focuses on the Bagua massacre which took place in 2009 in that area reporting both points of views: indigenous communities and Peruvian ministers and other authorities. The documentary movie has been released in 2016 and it has been directed by Heidi Brandenburg and Mathew Orzel.

Daughter of the Lake: this movie, directed by Ernesto Cabellos and released in 2015, also addresses the issue of the conflict between indigenous communities and corporations who wants to use local resources. It tells the story of a Peruvian woman who communicates with the spirits of the lake that provides water to her village. But a mining corporation discovered a treasure of a big value beneath the water of the lake and they are planning, with the government’s support, to drying out the lake.

As you can see Peru, its culture, its history and traditions, its beautiful landscapes have been a source of inspiration for directors, among others. 

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Top Things to do during the Coronavirus Quarantine

Most of all is experiencing a quite long period of quarantine and social distance due to the Coronavirus outbreak which is affecting the entire globe. As you might imagine travel industry is strongly affected by the current situation, people are scared to travel and many countries are shut down, which menas you cannot get in or out of the country. So international and domestic flights, trains, fluvial transportation are completely paralyzed. Many countries, including Peru, have adopted restrictive measures to face the coronavirus situation; basically, people must remain home, work from home, keep social distances and avoid going out for leisure activities, shopping, clubbing, going to the gym, etc. You can definitely go out for groceries, remedies and other basic needs you should have, but still could be a stressful moment for many people.

The New York Times

Below a constantly updated map of COVID-19 cases worldwide

Considering the situation, we felt it could have been useful to write down a list of things you can do at home to make your quarantine better and funnier.

  • Plan a Trip: this is a very nice thing to do which can help you healing the frustration to be forced to stay home. Pick a country, obviously you should pick Peru 😊 , see the main destinations and consider your specific travel interests. Make up with a tentative itinerary and start looking for flights! Booking a flight is the first step, one you get that you’re nearly set. Your mind will feel better knowing that once all of this will be ended you have a beautiful trip planned.

  • Spend time with your family: if you get to spend the quarantine with your family, try to use this time to make things with them that you never had the time to do. Yes, I know it could be tricky to stay home so many days with the family, but still try to have some quality time with them: play cards, play board games, read a book to your kids, make up creative activities for your kids, etc.

  • Cook: we are fun of cooking activities, so why not? Pick a receipt that you have always tried to make and you never did, make sure you have the necessary ingredients at home or do some online grocery shopping. Cooking is a very relaxing activity and could help you overcome this stressful moment. If you have kids you can try to cook them…yes it could get a bit messy, but it is worth a try.

  • Read a book: read that classic novel that you have always wanted to read, or that saga or trilogy that you never had the constancy and courage to read or that book that you started several times and you never end. You have plenty of time now! Reading is also a very relaxing activity that could make your mind flying away from the current situation we are experiencing.

  • Watch a TV series: Netflix, Amazon prime offers several TV series, there are also other streaming services you can check. A useful tip: select the one with more seasons, you will have time to finish them. Warning: the majority of these TV series are addictive!

  • Fix stuff at home, but not only: take the opportunity to fic that kitchen cabinet that has been broken since 2010 😊 …fix stuff at home that you have never had time to do. This is the time to fix relationships as well, make that call that you have always tought about but you never had the courage to do. That’s time!
  • Upgrade your hi-tech skills: that’s the time to start using facetime, whatsapp calls, skype, zoom or other tech tools to be able to talk to your friends, share the latest updates, photos, videos, and keep in touch with a videocall to feel less lonely during this period.

  • Help people in need: if you are able to do so, this is the right time to do it. You have elderly people living in your building? Help them doing the grocery shopping online, make a donation if you can to hospitals in need, etc.

We hope these tips and suggestions will be useful to make your “stay at home” moment more pleasant and entertaining.

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Top Places for Amazing Travel Photos in Peru

Are you that kind of traveller, eager to take stunning photos and have them to cherish everlasting memories of his/her trip or to share them in social media or travel blogs? Are you in a costant pursuit of incredible travel photos? This is the right blog article for you. We tried to select the most amazing places in Peru to take the best and the most suggestive travel shots ever!Credits:

We didn’t have a hard time selecting these places though, considering that Peru has many amazing views to offer and a wide variety of landscapes, we refer to high mountain picks, the highest lake in the world, paradisiac beaches, amazing trekking routes, beautiful lagoons, charming jungle bridges and even desert. So, if you are into travel photos, Peru is definitely a place you must note down on your travel list right now!

  • Lagoon 69 in Huaraz: This place is simply amazing! Here the celestial lagoon with its intense blue waters meets the clear sky, typical of the Peruvian “sierra”. The Lagoon 69 is located in the Huascarán National Park, in Huraz province, north-east of Lima. It is a 9-hour bus ride from the capital city; if you prefer, you can also fly to Huaraz from Lima. We believe that this is one of the most beautiful lagoon in the world and the trek to reach it is simply amazing, yuo will bump into amazing landscapes, and see beautiful flowers and plants while you walk along the path. You can find more information on this trek here:

  • Uros floating islands: this is an archipelago of the Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Here you will enjoy the blue waters of the lake, crossing the path with the clear sky, learn about Uros indigenous community, their lifestyle, and their activities, such as crafting, cooking, fishing, etc. This is a remarkable experience for travellers who have the chance to meet local people and jump on one of these amazing islands for a bit. The islands are made of “totora” reeds, which grow in the lake. The sun light is amazing on the Titicaca Lake and it will definitely help taking great shots of the lake itself and local people in their daily routine.

  • “La Catedral” in Paracas National Reserve: this is another amazing spot to get great travel pics, where you’ll find a geomorphological attraction in an arch shape, unfortunately partially destroyed during the earthquake which hit Peru in 2007. It is a place to stop and relax during your visit to Paracas National Reserve where you can enjoy all the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and its coast and the relaxing sound of the waves crashing on the shores. The high cliff is extremely fascinating and with the sunlight the color of the sky will reflect on the ocean creating an amazing effect.

  • Rainbow Mountain: this spot became extremely famous and known in the past 5 years, when travellers began to get interested in this amazing mountain, also know as 7-colors mountain. Today it is one of the most beaten path in Peru. The mountain, with its height of 5,200 above sea level, is completely covered by brilliant and colourful sands. This colourful effect comes from the minerals and the rocks which cover the surface of the mountain. Since the hike to reach the pick of the mountain is quite intense, especially if it rains, you can do it by renting horses if you prefer. However, once you get there your effort will be highly rewarded.


Credits: Travelholic 


  • Amazon River: one of the most fashinating spot in Peru, where you will be merged into amazing wildlife and hear the sound of the nature. When you arrive to the Peruvian rainforest you have to get to the lodge you selected, and you usually have to take a rustic and traditional boat, called by locals “lancha”, for a river ride which could be short or long depending on the location of your accommodation. During the ride you will connect with the sound of the river and the amazing wildlife of the jungle, which will transfer you in a peaceful atmosphere. If you happen to arrive at your destination around sunset you are pretty lucky and can enjoy beautiful views of the river and the jungle’s flora. That’s the perfect time to get amazing shots.

Actually these are only few of the amazing places you can find in Peru, so grab your camera and best photo equipment, book your trip and come to Peru to get incredible travel photos.

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Top Things to do While in Puno

Puno is located in the south-east region of Peru, located on the shores of the beautiful and mysterious Titicaca Lake, the highest navigable lake in the world. Once you get to Puno, the first thing you should do is to relax and get some rest, since the altitude could make you feel sick. The “soroche” is very common for tourists in this area. Also have a hot coca tea that is very effective to deal with altitude sickness in local people’s opinion. I can swear it actually helps!

Here some sights you should definitely visit:

Jiron Lima: This is Puno’s main street, where you can find restaurants, pubs and several shops. You should not miss a walk along this vibrant street to have an idea of how local people live. This is a pedestrian street which will bring you to Puno’s main square where you can find the Cathedral, Saint John Church and more.

Sillustani: It is an ancient burial ground near Lake Titicaca. The tombs are built above the ground, and filled with symbolism. The inside of the tombs are shaped like a woman’s uterus. The ancient people in Peru believed in a mother earth that created and regulated life. So, when a person died, they were mummified in the fetal position, just like they came into the world. The doors of the tombs face east, because it is believed that is where the sun is born from the mother earth each and every day.

Uros Island: The residents of Uros Island are the Aimaras who have inherited the way of life of the long-gone Uros. Their livelihood is based on the benefits of a unique plant: the “totora” reed. They use it to build their homes, boats and even the floating islands they live on, periodically adding new layers of reeds.

Amantani Island: This Island has lovely landscapes and a community organized like in the ancient time. It is less visited, making it attractive to those seeking peace, quiet and eager to get in touch with local people ad learn their charming traditions. Here you can also opt to spend the night with the villagers in one of their houses; this is a very nice experience that will allow you to fully get in touch with the local community.

Taquile Island: Thirty minutes away from Amantani Island there is Taquile Island, which inhabitants speak only Quechua. Farmers, fishermen and weavers, they wear distinctive outfits, which are usually very colorful. Taquile has several beautiful hills and many archeological sites; from there you will enjoy stunning views of the Titicaca Lake and its beautiful blue sky.

Week-end Market: if you happen to be in Puno on a Saturday you can also visit the local market, located in the city center. There you can find fruit, vegetables, grains, the majority of the varieties of Peruvian potatoes and much more. This is one of the best way to get in contact with local culture.

Also, do not forget that Puno is one of the richest regions when it comes to folklore and traditions; it is actually known as the folklore capital of Peru. You can often see street parades and other kind of celebration during the week-ends or in November, which is the month of the city’s founding and there are many celebrations going on. If you have more tips on Puno, do not hesitate to share it with me in the comments below.