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Luxury Fashion that Brings Peruvian Heritage to the World

When traveling to Peru you can think of luxury and fashion, there are many Peruvian brands that manage to capture the cultural and artistic essence of the country and at the same time provide an amazing product

The Gift of a Story: 

This collection is a tribute to the cultural and artistic heritage of ancient Peruvian civilizations. Imagine wearing a piece of Nazca history, reflected in a delicate and elegant baby alpaca and silk fabric. These garments not only envelop us in luxury but also connect us with the legacy of our ancestors.


Intricate design with lots of color:

For those looking for the perfect balance between style and comfort, we found these stoles. Made with baby alpaca and silk fibers, this multicolored garment is a reflection of elegance and sophistication. It is a constant reminder of the harmony and beauty found in our culture, allowing us to carry a piece of it wherever we go. 

Art and Spirituality in Every Garment: 

Also recommend series of stoles that are true canvases of inspiration. Each piece, designed by Kelly Abarca, fuses art and spirituality, using baby alpaca and silk fibers. These garments not only adorn but also inspire, combining beauty and depth in each thread. 


When travelling to Peru, consider looking for these pieces of art.  Each garment tells a story, our Peruvian story, and allows us to carry a piece of our heritage with us, wherever we go. Customizre your tour with us and we will provide recommendation on where to go shopping for pieces as special like this.

For more information do not hesitate to call us at +17038225311 or email us at 

Photos: from Kuna store Website 

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