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Best Things to do in Paracas and Around

Paracas is a small port town of the Paracas district and it is located in Ica region at the south of Lima. It is well-known to travelers due to the large amount of activities and tours available in the area and the peaceful atmosphere. Paracas is also the jumping point to reach and visit the Islas Ballestas and the amazing Paracas National Reserve. 

Here a list of activities available in the area: 

  • Islas Ballestas and Paracas National Reserve: to visit the site we suggest you to book in advance a relaxing boat tour leaving from “El Chaco” pier. During the tour you will explore the area and see the popular ”El Candelabro”, a large prehistoric petroglyph of unknown origin spanning over 150 meters high and 50 meters wide, which is considered a mysterious symbol; the peculiar rock formations; the different species of animals and birds in the island, like sea lions, Peruvian booby, cormorans, penguins among others.

  • Winery Tour in Ica: Paracas is located in Ica district at only 1-hour car ride from Ica city, popular for its wineyards. This is the perfect chance to engage in a fun winery tour. In Ica you can find many wine “bodegas” that produce a sweet red wine and also the famous national Peruvian spirit: Pisco.During the tour you will learn about the different kinds of grape, the production process and the tools used and have the chance to taste several types of wine and Pisco varities. The virieties depends on the different kinds of grape used in the elaboration process.  Do not miss the chance to buy wines and Piscos directly in the “bodega” for a cheaper price.   
  • Huacachina Tour: this is a unique oasis in the heart of Peruvian desert, considered a paradisiac place with palms, a blue-green lagoon and sand dunes where you can engaged in multiple fun activities or, if you are not an active traveler, just relax. Huacachina is ideal for sport activities, such as buggies and sand boarding. As for the buggies, you can rent four-wheel-drive dune buggies and go up and down the dunes with a professional driver. We suggest you to take the afternoon tour to avoid the heat and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the desert. As for the sand boarding, if you are expert you can just rent the board otherwise just take the tour with a professional instructor, who will explain how to surf the dunes and help you choose the right sand board for you. 


Nazca lines Tour: if you are into adventurous trip, you can also fly over the famous and mysterious Nazca lines. Flights usually leave in the morning and you will have the chance to see the incredible lines, whose history is still controversial. 

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