Puno / Lake Titicaca


Sillustani: It is an ancient burial ground near Lake Titicaca. If you go to Puno, you have to visit Sillustani. The tombs are built above the ground, and filled with symbolism. The inside of the tombs are shaped like a woman’s uterus. The ancient people in Peru believed in a mother earth that created and regulated life. When a person died, they were mummified in the fetal position, just like they came into the world. The doors of the tombs face east, because it is believed that is where the sun is born from the mother earth each and every day. 
Uros Island: The residents of Uros Island are the Aimaras who have inherited the way of life of the long-gone Uros. Their livelihood is based on the benefits of a unique plant: the “totora” reed. They use it to build their homes, boats and even the floating islands they live on, periodically adding new layers of reeds.  
Amantani Island: This island has lovely landscapes and a community organized like that of its neighbor. It is less visited, making it attractive to those seeking peace and quiet. 
Taquile Island: Thirty minutes away from Amantani Island is the Taquile Island, which inhabitants speak only Quechua. Farmers, fishermen and weavers, they wear distinctive outfits. Taquile has several beautiful hills and many archeological ruins.


The climate in the Andean region is cold and dry, with temperatures ranging between 41°F and 55.4°F, with a rainy season of four months. In the forest the climate is mild, with temperatures ranging between 59°F and 71.6°F.


Casa Andina Private Collection Hotel – Restaurant: The hotel's restaurant invites you to enjoy a tasty and varied breakfast buffet with seasonal fruits, cereals, selected hams and cheeses, and an egg station. Breakfast is served from Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 10 am. And for lunch and dinner their Alma Restaurant offers a proposal that combines traditional recipes with the best of international cuisine. 

Address: Av. Sesqui Centenario 1970, Puno

Libertador Lake Titicaca Hotel – Restaurant: The Los Uros restaurant offers international dishes fused with the main ingredients of the region; always with a wonderful lake view. In the evening, enjoy a "sour coke" in the Taquile bar. 

Address: Isla Esteves s/n, Lago Titicaca, Puno

Jose Antonio Hotel Puno – Restaurant: Enjoy a delicious lunch and/or dinner on the shores of the Titicaca Lake. Sillustani Restaurant has a food menu perfect for the most exquisite palate, and it is ideal for sharing with friends and family. 

Address: Carretera Puno - Desaguadero Km 6.5