Puerto Maldonado / Tambopata


Explorer’s Inn: The 5,500 hectares surrounding the lodge are home to 601 bird species and more than 1,235 types of butterflies, as well howler monkeys, otters, and coral snakes. Exporer’s Inn has the best combination of convenience, prices, and biodiverse rainforest. It is the only lodge within the Reserva Nacional Tambopata. 

Tambopata National Reserve: The Tambopata National Park is a 275,000 hectare area of pristine rainforest located in the south of Peru, accessible from Cusco and close to Machu Picchu. Created by the Peruvian government in 1990, the National Park was formed to protect this rich bio-diverse area whilst at the same time to become an important and sustainable resource for local communities. Covering an area the size of Connecticut this remote part of The Amazon Rainforest is home to around 5000 inhabitants, mainly located around the Tambopata River and the “Area of Influence” in the north-east. Small scale gold mining, timber extraction, hunting, fishing, coffee production and tourism are the main sources of income for these jungle communities. 

The Tambopata Research Center: Also operated by Rainforest Expeditions, the Tambopata Research Center offers five – to seven – day packages where guests will experience a huge range of biodiversity that is comparable to the Parque Nacional Manu or Reserva Nacional Pacaya – Samiria. It is the only lodge near the Parque Nacional Bahuaja Sonene, a rainforest wilderness the size of Connecticut. The lodge is also 1640,4 feet away from the world’s largest clay lick, where dozens of species of macaws, parrots, and parakeets come to ingest detoxifying mud.


The climate is tropical warm, humid and with over 1,000 mm rainfall per year.The average temperature is 78.8°F, from August to September there is the phenomenon known as "surazo", caused by cold air masses from the east and temperatures are usually lower, they can reach 46.4°F.