• A classic itinerary with moderate walking at elevation, it includes visit to natural beauty and ancient mystery. This is our mainstay program, with an additional excursion to Paracas, and the enigmatic Nazca Lines. You will get a taste of Lima and then continue to the Ballestas Islands, surrounded by some of the richest ocean waters on Earth. Many species find refuge here, such as seals and sea lions, Humboldt penguins, sea otters or “chingungo”, dolphins and porpoises, and over two hundreds species of seabirds, both resident and migratory. After a nice day, you will continue to Nazca, located in a fertile valley surrounded by some of the most inhospitable desert on earth where you will have the chance to see the Nazca lines. Etched over some 1,000 square kilometers on the San Jose pampas, or plains, and on some hillsides in the Grande River valley. These lines are some of the greatest archeological enigmas in the world; Among them we have the bird, the spider and the monkey. After this wonderful excursion, you will continue with the second part of your trip in which you will live the Inca experience, exploring the impressive sites of Sacsayhuaman and other surrounding sites around the city of Cusco, Ollantaytambo in the Valley of the Incas, before reaching Machu Picchu with special Magical touches along the way.
    8 Days - 7 Night
    Cusco, Lima, Machu Picchu, Paracas / Nazca, Sacred Valley.
    Physical difficulty:
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