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How to stay safe while Traveling

We have many clients who love to travel but have found themselves unsure of how to be safe and stay healthy while doing so, especially with COVID-19 still circling the world. After consulting with them and with our team, we’ve found a couple of tips and tricks for you. Of course, the easier way to stay as safe as possible is to get fully vaccinated. It will help you to have much less stress about the trip.

Now onto the tips!

Essential items  

Disinfectants – We would never go anywhere without a disinfectant and CLOROX wipes (we use these to wipe down chairs and tables, they’re especially useful on planes, buses, and other public areas). 

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Mask – Does this even need an explanation? Carrying more than one surgical mask is better, just in case, and wear them whenever you’re inside to protect yourself and others.

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Social Distancing – This is always good to practice, not just while traveling. The farther away from strangers, you are, the safer you are. If you do find yourself in close quarters with others, make sure to wear your mask. 

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Stay hydrated – Regular advice for when you travel but very important to stay healthy. You should drink about half a gallon or 2 liters of water every day 

And finally the most important: 

WASH YOUR HANDS! The easiest and most convenient way to stay safe and healthy. Wash your hands whenever you get a chance and especially before eating or doing activities that require the use of your hands. 

Those are all of our tips to be safe and healthy while traveling. We hope they’ll help you as much as they’ve helped us. Please check out our post about the requirements to travel to Peru so you can put some of these tips to use. Happy adventuring! 

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